Welcome to The Mary Campbell Center

The Mary Campbell Center is first, last and always someone's home. Actually, it is home to 67 residents, each with different disabilities. The Center has been home to some residents since its beginning in 1976. Others have recently joined The Mary Campbell Center family.

The wonderful news is that not one of the persons who lives here is alone. Each gains important support from a caring staff, giving volunteers, friends from the surrounding community, and, especially, from loving families. Because of this support, and because of their deep commitment and resolve, many of our residents have achieved higher levels of physical and mental growth than they had ever expected. This makes us all proud.

From the day The Center opened, we have successfully maintained a truly homelike environment. We pride ourselves on always, always showing respect for every resident and in helping to establish and maintain personal dignity. Independence is enhanced, family members are always welcome, and our beautiful grounds and unique facilities are designed for each resident's happiness and well-being.

Our long time friend and consistent supporter, Super Bowl-winning Coach Dick Vermeil, sums up our feeling and our commitment when he says, "The Mary Campbell Center is truly a winning team."

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